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Welcome to the Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation of Kyungnam University
The Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation of Kyungnam University was opened to cope with the paradigm for the
knowledge-based society in March 2004. The organic cooperation between the University and the enterprises which has been
insufficient becomes possible through the Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, and the efficiency of technology
development becomes further increase, and the training of technical staff which was demanded by the company is
accomplished effectively. Also the substantial academic-industrial cooperation becomes possible through the various
cooperation networks with the local industries, the public institutions and the research institutions.

The Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation recognizes that the result of academic-industrial cooperation is the core key
about the strengthening the competitiveness of national industries and the university's specialization, and this school will retool
the education and research system of University related to the industry spot, so makes utmost efforts to realize the creation of
new technology and commercialization development effectively. The Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation homepage
which is established newly for that will perform a role of assistant who delivers information about the various businesses which
is promoted by the Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation & the attached facilities quickly, and listens attentively to your
request for years to come.

Hope your lasting attention and positive participation to this school.
Thank you.
경남대학교 산학협력단장 하경재